Boyfriends are great, until they forget you exist when you're right in front of them.

Kyle has this habit.

It's a bad habit.

When we're hanging out with a girl he knows has the major hots for him, he tends to forget I'm right there.

Do I frickin' look invisible to you, asshole?

-_- Apparently so.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Thursday night, Christmas, we were supposed to hang out again. Why I even bothered giving him a third chance is beyond me, but I did it anyway. He was supposed to call around 6.
  • At about 8:30, I called and told him he could go fuck himself, I was sick of being forgotten. Two minutes later, he called back saying he was trying to finish up packing his stuff. Yeah, right. And I'm the queen of Ireland.
  • He said he'd call when he was finished.
  • I called again around 10:15, because I was so effin' frustrated and was seriously this close to killing off my entire family. He'd finished packing an hour ago. "Oh, I forgot to call you." Yeah, uh huh, right...
  • I take my jolly old sweet time getting my shit together, brushing my teeth and hair and junk. I'm about two minutes out of the driveway when he calls again. "Where are you? Why aren't you here yet?" Who the frick do you think you are, mister? My keeper? I am not your pet, I'll get there when I effin' get there, jerk.
  • I get there, we have amazingly awesome hotel sex (which is quite different than normal sex because complete strangers could potentially hear you through the walls, so you have to shove your hand over your mouth to keep the noise level down), I start playing a computer game, he goes to take a nap. Just a catnap, he claims, should only take him 15 minutes.
  • Half an hour later, he's snoring. I'm exhausted, don't know how to do anything with his laptop, so I wake him up so he can do it. Then I turned off the light, and crawled in bed with him. ... What, did you think I was gonna sleep on the floor? o_O
  • We got absolutely no sleep. For one thing, he wouldn't stop playing footsie with my toes. And that boy has COLD FEET. Literally. For another thing, every time I'd roll over, he'd whine and roll over, too. Which didn't help. I roll over a lot. >_> Then he decided to TICKLE ME, which made me have to pee so bad. So I went pee. THEN he tried to have sex again. That flew over like a fart in church, it hurt like hell and I had to shove his ass down to get back under the covers. I felt a bit bad for leaving him hanging like that, but dude, when it hurts, it HURTS.
  • We wake up after the shitty sleep, and I went downstairs and got me some waffle goodness. Which made me sick.
  • Like, really sick.
  • He hopped on his laptop and started IMing people. Being the relatively polite person I am, I avoided reading the messages. Now, I think I should've payed attention.
  • About an hour after that, our friend Miranda miraculously appears at the door. I'm like, 'What the hell?' but I didn't say anything rude. It wasn't worth it.
  • Of course, she's had a huge thing for him since we were all in school together.
  • -_- Of course.
  • At this point, I have become the Invisible Kika. Which I love, truly I do. >.<
  • Checkout time comes by, and we pile into my car. He wants to go to Target. Oh joy. Target the day after Christmas... At least I bought me a computer game...
  • Well, the entire time we were out and about, she was hanging all over him, and he wasn't complaining. This set me off.
  • Then we went to Perkins and had something to eat. That was fun. I spent the entire time avoiding eye contact so he wouldn't see how mad I was. And he had the balls to ask what's wrong...
  • By now, he was ready to get going. Today was his last day in Minnesota. His flight left at 5. It was about 1:15, and his mom wanted to hang out with him. Not a big deal, that. I mean, she is his mom.
  • So I dropped Miranda off at her house. Oh, NOW he remembers who exactly is driving this car. He starts trying to act all cute and shit, and I was NOT gonna have it. No. No no no. Not after that.
  • Well, to put it mildly, I have noooooo resolve when it comes to that retard. Eventually I caved, and we held hands the rest of the way to his mom's. At least, until the roads got icky-nast and I needed two hands.
  • We get there, and he's already on the phone with another girl. For real, why do I put up with this idiot player? It can't be the sex, we can only do it like, once, maybe twice a day because he's just that big and I'm just that small. >.<>
  • I wanted to tell him why I was mad, because I'm pretty damn sure he still has no idea why I acted the way I did, even though he knows damn good and well how much I hate it when he treats me like that. But I kept my mouth shut and avoided eye contact some more. By this time, I'm damn near to tears.
  • He gets out of the car, saying "Heart you!" and I drive away. This is where I break into tears and scream and hit my steering wheel and eventually have to pull over because I couldn't really see anymore, my glasses had gotten all smudged.
  • I've yet to hear from him. Which doesn't surprise me that much, but y'know. It wouldn't hurt to call, maybe try to figure out why I was so upset, possibly consolidate for his stupidity...
  • So that was my Christmas evening/day after. And I'm about to go to bed and scream in my pillow for a good... Oh, about 20 minutes before I get a headache and need to take some ibuprophen.

At least I get to go down to Burnsville and look at puppies up for adoption. ^_^ Yay puppies and their adorable cuteness!

Easiest way to cheer a woman up: show her a puppy.

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