Men make me lawl.

My friend Hal Licino on hubpages.com likes to be a silly old coot sometimes.

Like, really. He is just plain funny.

Y'all should check out his stuff.

Anyway, he wrote a silly poem using the T'was the Night Before Christmas, and twisting it up a bit to portray the bailouts of the automotive companies here in the US.

So, of course, I commented on it, saying it made me giggle, and that it would be nice to have a poem written for me.

Ah, Hal, you are such a dork...

He went and actually wrote a poem for me! xD

I thought I'd share with you Hal's Ode to Kika, or so I've titled it. :P

Here we go!

Let me tell you about Kika Rose,
While I sit in my Xmas repose,
From the time I arose,
I'll open my Xmas bows,
While outside it snows and snows,
I hope I don't impose,
Through my highs and lows,
When I discuss her exquisite nose,
Her impeccable clothes,
A figure like Monroe's,
The boys she has in rows,
All the average Joes,
And all their average bro's,
Who can only dream to be close,
To be the man she chose,
And in their arms enclose,
That Minnesota rose,
And the graces she bestows,
As her online fame grows,
And everybody knows,
That no one may oppose,
There's no room to juxtapose,
Or to phrases transpose,
While the air outside froze,
This poem truly shows,
That Kika really glows,
She'll appreciate, I suppose,
My Xmas gift of prose!
lol! Isn't that sweet? It's a little odd, coming from an old guy like him to li'l o'le me, but it's still cute. :P Thanks Hal! ^_^
Now to watch my mother attempt to wrap my Christmas present... :D

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