Did you know the flu can run?

Because it's running rampant throughout central MN, and lucky me, I caught it. :D YAY!


Remember how I went to my friend Lindsey's fiance's family's house? Yes, that was a bit of a mouthfull, but just bear with me. Well, half the household has the flu.

I believe I caught it from them. Oh joy.

James has it, too, and so does Mik and Mom, and a bunch of other friends of mine. As I said, it's running rampant.

So here's how it works:

  1. You start out just a little tired. Y'know, your eyes hurt, your body gets lethargic, kind of like you haven't slept well in a while.
  2. Next day, your entire body hurts like hell.
  3. After a couple of hours, your sinuses start to hurt a little, which may give you a minor headache around the eyes.
  4. Your back starts to feel like you've been lifting heavy stuff you shouldn't've been lifting.
  5. The lethargy gets worse.
  6. Soon, it's so bad, your knees are almost buckling just from walking around the house.
  7. No matter how warm your house is, you're freezing.
  8. You get random bouts of extreme sleepiness, but if you don't go to sleep when you get sleepy, they go away and you wish you had gone to bed.
  9. You slowly lose some of your fine motor skills from the lethargy.
  10. By the third day, you feel so shitty, you're about ready to roll over in bed and just not wake up, followed by the procession of symptoms listed before this.

Yeah... I am not looking forward to tomorrow...

So basically I've spent my entire day playing The Sims 2: Pets and Puzzle Pirates, with the occassional House episode on USA channel. They have a marathon on. Er, well, probably by now, it's Had.

The fun thing is, I was supposed to work today. Oh, this is kind of a cute story...

I called in to work to see what time I was supposed to come in. See, I put all my important scheduling crap into my phone's Calander application so it'll make noise when I'm supposed to leave or do something, in case I forget. I'd forgotten to put in my work schedule, since I had all last week off to spend with Ky.

We remember how that panned out.

Anyway, I knew I worked today, but I didn't know what time. So I called in to Domino's and my coworker Kyle answered. Though, my ears were so fuzzy, he sounded like Keith, so I accidentally called him Keith... ^_^; SORRY KYLE!

Kyle told me I worked at 4. I was like, "Oh joy... Alright, I'll be there at 4, then." This was at about noon.

2:30 rolls around, and he calls me back.

"Hey Mon, I just talked to Lee, and he says you can stay home today."

"Oh? Why?"

"Well, because when you called earlier, you sounded pretty sick, and I know there's been a bug floating around. So I told Lee" Lee's the boss/owner of the store, "that you weren't feeling well, and he said it was okay if you stayed home since we've been doing pretty bad in sales, what with Christmas taking up everybody's money and stuff. So yeah, enjoy the night off, and feel better. See you tomorrow at 4:30."

"Aw, thanks Kyle, you're so sweet."

"Yeah, well, I don't wanna catch what you got, so get rid of it already, will ya?"

"Ha ha, very funny, asshole. *laughs* See you tomorrow."

^_^ My coworkers rule. It pays to be the only female driver, and the only other female worker. The other girl's name is Becca, and she's in Mik's grade, a senior. The boys like to pick on us a lot, but we've had our moments of glory... Ah, and they were amazing moments, too...

Anyway, as I said earlier, I play this game called Puzzle Pirates.

Puzzle Pirates is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, like WoW or Runescape). Basically you have to do these puzzles to do things. There are duty puzzles, which are sailing, bilging, carpentry, gunning, navigating, battle navigating, and things like that, there are carousing puzzles, like Hearts and Poker and Drinking and such, and there are working puzzles, such as Shipwrightery and Alchemistry and Distilling and Iron Working and Foraging, blahblahblah. You can join a pirate crew and work your way up the ranks, and almost every crew is in a pirate flag. Think of it like guilds and stuff on WoW. Same concept.

I was playing PP, on a Sea Monster Hunt (y'know, it'd just be easier if y'all would play the game so I wouldn't have to explain it... Just google it already), when the Executive Officer wanted more pirates to sail. So I figured, why not, I'm decently good at sails, and she was threatening to plank anyone not on a station (lazers).

Yeah, that didn't last very long...

Like I said earlier, this bug slightly inhibits the fine motor skills, which makes typing and puzzling rather difficult. Trust me, I'm having a hard enough time trying to keep the spelling errors to a minimum, and I am a spectacular speller.

So I was like, "Okay, sailing is so not working for me. Let's try bilging."

Bilging is a bit easier, because all you have to do is click the mouse to move the bubble things, while Sailing requires you to use the keyboard arrows.

That didn't work so well, either.

Finally I said, "Okay, screw this. I'll just laze and defend the ship."

So I sat and sword-fought the sea monsters that came aboard. While SFing requires those damn arrows, it goes nice and slow if you don't use the space bar, so it's not so hard to do when your fingers rebel against your commands.

After the SMH, several friends kept asking me to sail for them. And I kept telling them I couldn't because I'm sick. Yet they kept asking...

Later, I was sitting in the inn on Admiral Island, in the Sage ocean (the servers are called oceans, and each server's name is a color. The subscription servers are shades of blue, the free ones are shades of green, and the German server is... something I don't pay attention to because I frickin' don't speak German), when one of my flagmates told me there were Zombies on another island called Jack's Last Gift.

See, at random times during the day, PP will send out Zombies or Skeletons for us to fight. Zombies rumble, which is like that old Bust-A-Move game for the Nintendo 64 (that game PWNS AND I WISH I OWNED IT!!! D:), and Skellies SF, which is kind of like Tetris, but with two-piece rectangles you can manipulate with the arrows. I like rumbling more than SFing because I am the queen of Bust-A-Move, and whenever I rumble, it reminds me of those little mini Godzilla-turned-chibi things, and how it'd say "READY? GO!"

So I was on Jack's rumbling against the 14 zombies when I noticed my friend Danimald there. He makes me giggle. :D I gave him a link for this, and I hope he reads it.


Anyway, he lost pretty quickly. Now, in my opinion, rumble is easy as cake. It's basically nothing but Geometry for me; all angles and lines and stuff, just like playing pool. Which is another thing I'm pretty good at. So he lost quickly, and I was like, "Well, what the heck, Dan, zombies are easy!" And he was like "Yeah, well, there were 5 on me, so :P" I replied, "Still, they're easy."

After the zombie fray, there were skellies on Terjit Island. So we went there.

Well, the group lost the first fray, because some kids just couldn't hold on to their panties and voted to start early.

See, you have to vote before you can start a fray, and they have to have at least half of the people's votes to start. It evens things out that way.

As I said before, I like rumble more than SF. Mostly because I'm not that good at SF. Don't get me wrong, I pwn at Tetris. I just don't like SF.

I died pretty quickly.

Dan didn't.

We get back to the inn, and he starts giving me crap for dying so fast. Which is fair, since I gave him crap for the zombies, but I told him flat out, I just don't like SF as much as I love rumbling.

After that, I got reeeeeally tired and logged out. And now I'm here! :D

Anyway, my back is freakin' killing me, so I'm gonna go to bed before I end up with QWERTY plastered on my forehead, because I am so close to headdesking it ain't even funny.


  1. Dan here. Quit telling everyone how handsome I am. My email can't hold them all. well it can but I needed an excuse. I got banned so won't be seeing ya on PP. I stuck up for a friend and I would do it again. PP sucks for all of you reading this and its not a girl.

    'til our paths cross again my friend
    the one and only Danimal

  2. Ack! Dan, that's so lame! I can't believe they'd ban you!

    ... And where, oh where, does it say I called you handsome? :P Silly goose, I reserve those kinds of compliments for Ky! ^_^

    Sorry you got banned. :( I wonder what you said...?