Delivering pizzas is a pain when you almost fall on your butt. At least ten times.

Funny thing is, I only had like, 7 deliveries.


So here's how today went:

Woke up this morning to 4 text messages. Well, okay. First time I woke up, I only had 1. I replied saying there is no honest-to-goodness reason for ANYONE to be awake at frickin' 7:30 in the morning, let alone be texting me, who sleeps until like, noon. NEVER EVER TEXT ME BEFORE NOON UNLESS I TEXT YOU FIRST.



Anyway, woke up to 4 text messages. One was from Anna, talking about how her dog Lucy had puppies, and going into details, and blahblahblah SHUT THE FRICK UP ALREADY, WOMAN.

One was from James, saying we were gonna have Game Night tonight at Perkins. We usually do this one every week or two weeks, depending on people's availability. Well, since I was supposed to close at work, I couldn't guarantee my availability, but I said I'd try.

One was from Lindsey, the girl I hung out with on Saturday, asking the name of this song I have on my iPod that she thought was weird. [By the way, Ludo's "Love Me Dead" was the one she was asking about.]

The last one was from Anna again, lol'ing at me for capslocking the piss out of her for texting me so damn early.

So not funny, dammit.

After I deigned myself to getting out of bed, I took a nice, hot shower, which I kinda sorta really needed (I usually take a shower every two days, but sometimes I wait three), then I got everything ready for work so I wouldn't have to do it later, and hopped on the compy to play PP.

When I have spare time, this is usually what I do.

Either that or James makes me go out and do junk with him so I'm not cooped up in the house all day. Aren't friends awesome? -_-

So I got on PP, and a flag friend of ours named Eternity was holding a Cursed Isles hunt.

Cursed Isles are like those SMH things I explained last night, but you fight zombies and cultists instead of sea monsters, and you have to forage for treasure instead of Treasure Hauling it. Both are puzzles similar to Bilging, except TH is up-and-down, and Foraging is one 2x2 square you can turn left or right to clear rows of three or more.

Anyway, E was holding a CI, and kind of as a joke, I applied. I rarely ever get on CI's unless I'm invited by a friend, but E decided to give me a chance, which was awfully nice of her. ^_^ Sadly, I did horrible with sails and foraging, though I did quite well with rumble and SF and bilge.

Okay, I didn't do that horrible, just not as good as I usually do. Which is generally pretty damn good.

After the CI was done, I had just enough time to quick brush my teeth, start my car, let Maddie (our fatso Cocker Spaniel) out, grab whatever else I needed from the house, and leave for work.

That's when Chris decided to text me saying he was bored.

For real, kid, do I look like I care? I seriously do NOT like you WHATSOEVER. LEAVE ME THE FRICK ALONE ALREADY.




Crap, I just noticed it's frickin' snowing. >.<>.>

So Chris starts texting me, and in an attempt to get him to STFU, I gave one word replies. That generally works, but then he gets all emo whiney on me and that's when I turn my phone off. ^_^ Oopsies, too bad for you, Chris!

When I get to work, I started feeling really icky. Like, nauseous and dizzy. Then I find out one of my coworkers, Scott, got so sick last night, he was throwing up in the bathroom and they had to send him home.

Oh great.

Now, generally, when I get the flu, I don't throw up. Unless it's an extreme case, but otherwise, I am very good at avoiding puking.

Mostly because when I do puke, it's quite violent, and then I get those little red dots around my eyes and cheeks and I end up unable to move for quite some time.

Yeah, no thank you.

So they made Scott go home, and gave him today off. Thus, I had to close with Lee, my boss.

Lee's a good guy and all, but I'd never closed with him, so I was a little worried about what I'd have to do. Usually, I just do dishes. Sometimes Josh makes me mop, too, but other than that, it's dish duty for me. But that's because Dave always does them when he closes with someone else, and Scott likes to do everything, but feels I should have the chance to choose what I would like to do, and since I hate sweeping, he lets me do dishes instead.

To say the least, tonight was relatively slow, with a few busy spells here and there.

But at least I got me an $8 tip. ^_^ YAY!

Around 8:45, Brandon decides to let me go home. Brandon is the manager. He's really nice to me, when he's not busy ganging up on me with Dave or Kyle or Josh, or all of 'em. When they're all together, I tend to get picked on more often. ^_^; Ah well, they're like big brothers to me, so I don't mind. They can be super nice when they want to be.

I cashed out with $41.56, after mileage totals and bonus mile totals.

See, here's how tips work for us:

We get all of our money, which is in our individual drop boxes, counted up.

Then there's a mileage total, which is calculated based on delivery times and (if the address is in the map database) how far away a house is from the store. Now, longer delivery times make for better mileage totals, but we want to keep our delivery times as low as we can. That gives the store a better rating in the national system. But since we have the largest delivery area in the state, sometimes it's a bit hard to keep them low; we're generally under 30 minutes, though, even with doubles. Sometimes doubles make it under 40, and every so often we get triples. Those stay under 40, for the most part, as well. We're just that awesome.

Then there's the bonus miles. These are just additional $.50 per long run/Isanti run, since Isanti is about 6 miles from Cambridge.

Add all of those up, and that's how much we get when we cash out.

I only made $28 something in just tips, and an extra $1 for two Isanti runs. The rest was mileage.

That's how it works.

So after I'd been cashed out and clocked out, got my sign off my car and was all ready to go, I decided to run to Wal-Mart to pick up oil.

Velma's been acting up lately, so I thought she was thirsty.

She had half a thingy of oil in her, but I topped her off to be on the safe side.

While I was there, I decided I was gonna buy Fable 2. I loved the first game, and I'd heard good things about the second. And since I'd gotten that Visa gift card, and that lovely $41.56, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get me another game.

Wal-Mart was out.

'Okay,' I thought, 'I'll just check Target. I remember seeing it there.'

No luck; they were out, too.

So I pouted my way out of Target when James told me to call him. He was on his way to town, but he needed to talk to someone while he drove.

James gets panic attacks sometimes, but they tend to escalate while he's driving if he doesn't know where he is/doesn't have someone he knows talking to him or driving behind him. So he'll call me or ask me to call him. No big deal, I don't mind helping him out.

We talked for a bit, then I headed over to Perkins for our game night. This was around 9:15 or so.

Well, we played Apples to Apples and Uno, then sat around and chatted until about 11:30 or so. Then we all decided to go home. James needed a ride, and I wanted to watch him play Fallout 3 (he kept saying it was amazing, so why not?), so I drove him home and sat on his couch downstairs for about an hour before his mom came down and said I should move my car out of the street.

Apparently you can get a ticket if your car sits out on the street after midnight...? o_O Weird, yeah?

I decided to take my leave then, and came home. Jumped into pajamas, got everything set up for sleep, then proceeded to play PP some more.

Oh, now that I remember...

I'm supposed to say something about my friend, Dricenticore.

HI DRICE! <3 ^_^ lol

Well, now that I've gone and babbled like a complete moron for almost 30 minutes, I should probably go to bed now before my back decides to implode on me.

That would be a bad thing...

Off to bed for the Kika! Whee!

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