Ice is evil.

Today has been the day from hell.

And I mean that most sincerely, too.

I spent most of the afternoon, upon waking up, in the living room with a blanket wrapped over me, falling in and out of rather fitful sleep.

My flu has progressed to the emo stage.

As in, I wish I could off myself so I wasn't so miserable.

Then I remembered I had to work at 5.

Sadly, I remembered this at 4:15.

Well, since I didn't have time to call in sick, I had to go in. So I got myself dressed and cleaned up relatively, got my car warmed up, and left for work.

Had to pull over a few times from disorientation, but ah well. What choice did I have?

I arrive at work, and my coworkers Kyle and Keith are both there. They took one look at me and said, "You should go home. You look like Death warmed over."

"Oh, gee, thanks boys. It's so nice to know how pretty I am."

"Well, we're just saying, you don't look well. But we're short staffed, so you're gonna be stuck here for a few hours. We'll try to get you out as soon as we can, okay?"

"Fine. The sooner I can pass out, the better off I'll be."

The fun thing was, we weren't bored.

I had 12 deliveries by the time they cashed me out at 9. I made $60 total. Not bad, but I must've short changed myself without realizing it, because when I calculated my tips with the tip total on the computer, I should've had about $7 more, but then I remembered I bought Advil, which was $1.50. So I was short about $5, which I told Kyle was no big deal. If the till was over, he said he'd get me the $5 on Friday.

He doesn't listen too well sometimes.

The fun thing was, on my second-to-last delivery, I slipped on the guy's sidewalk and fell right on my bad hip.

Oh, by the way, I have an emo right hip.

It likes to move out of place and send me to the chiropractor a lot. :D

So I fell right on my bad hip, and dropped their food.

The miraculous thing was, it fell right-side-up, and none of the food was compromised. Thank god. I felt so bad about dropping it, I told the guy he could call in and get a new order delivered if anything was wrong.

He didn't call in, so I'm assuming it turned out just fine.

Too bad I've been losing feeling in my right leg all night. >.< Like right now.


After clocking out, James wanted to play D&D at Joe's house. So I went, bought chips for everybody and Mickey D's for me and Bronson, then we played us some D&D goodness until about 12:30.

Sadly, I forgot my glasses case at his house, so I have to go get that tomorrow.

I'm going to town anyway to see if I can get my hands on Fable 2, so it's not a super big deal. Still sucks, though.

Then I came home, watched Twilight Zone and Dogtown on NatGeo (hush, I like informative tv channels, so sue me), hopped on PP for about an hour or so to say Happy New Year to everyone, and now I'm here, typing for your viewing pleasure.


Well, my face hurts like hell, my ears keep popping, my leg is killing me, and my cheeks burn, so I'm going to bed.

Night kids.

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