^_^; Eheh, oopsies...

I've been extremely sick for the past few days, so I apologize for not posting.

^_^; Sorry!

Nothing all that interesting has happened. Had to call in to work sick on Friday, went in on Saturday to check the schedule and get my paycheck.


For some reason, I'm not on the schedule for this week. o_O Weird... Nobody knows why, either. I tried calling Lee to find out, but he didn't answer and hasn't called me back. Really weird...

Well, I'll figure it out later today.

Also, our paychecks didn't arrive in the mail. Mrs. Galbreicht felt bad and said she'd get them in as soon as possible. Not a big deal to me, I know it's gonna be smaller than usual since I had Christmas week off.

I talked to my dad about getting me a job at his work. He works at Boston Scientific as an electrician person thingamajiggywhatthehellever. I dunno, some big fancy title thing. I'll have to look it up in one of his emails. He likes to send me emails from work when he's bored.

I've also gotta finish filling out some forms for the MinnesotaCare health plan thing and for this dental thing. They want to pull my wisdom teeth out, but they have to be surgically removed because they're growing in sideways due to the way my jaw is shaped (it's medically smaller than usual) and they're not above the gum line.

Whoo, anesthesia!

That's gonna be fun. I plan on doing that tomorrow, after I call Lee again.

Yesterday I felt a little better than I have been, so I went in to town with Mom. That's how I found out about the schedule and stuff. Then I went into town again later with Mik to get food, and ended up buying Spore. Sadly, it won't run on our PC because it's a giant waste of electronical blahdeblah space, so I'm going to return it today.

I gots me a full day aheadz!

Other than that, not much has been going on...

Oh shoot, I just remembered I'd told Cassie I was gonna hang out with her today, too! >.< Oh for heaven's sake, I've gone and super-scheduled my day without realizing it! Crap! Crappity crap craptastic!

I hate it when I do that...

Well, I can get the dentist paperwork filled out tomorrow... And I can return Spore tomorrow, too... I'll just do other stuff tomorrow instead of today.

Cassie has Spore, and she lets me play on her laptop when I have nothing better to do and she's not busy. ^_^ We might even go down to the mall or something. I could return Spore then, too. Sweet, two birds with one stone, booya!

It's really late, and I've spent the better part of the past 6 hours playing Sims 2 Pets and watching Corpse Bride with Mik, so I think I'm gonna head to bed.

Sorry this isn't a very long post. I'll have more to say tomorrow, maybe.

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