I was supposed to go Cassies and play Spore.

She has yet to return my call. I even left her an awesome voice message. >.<

Ah well.

I've spent the entire day playing Sims 2 Pets, so it's not a super big deal.

Speaking of which, I left it running to come upstairs and have a smoke.

Yes, I smoke.

Deal with it.

That's basically all I've done today, besides watch Mik play Silent Hill.


The people who made those games must be seriously demented. o.o

Mik's got the newest version, whatever it's called. I think it's called Homecoming or something like that? He tried to get the ending where you can play as the Boogeyman, or as I like to call him, Triangle Head. But he didn't know he wasn't supposed to kill the mom, but let her die on the torture thingamajiggy she was rigged to, so he got the drowning ending instead. Now he has to start all over to get Triangle Head.

I find it odd that you don't battle Triangle Head in the game. o_O Like, in the movie, he tried to kill the chick lady person, but in this game, you don't confront him head on. You just see him a few times. It's bizzare...

Then again, the game itself is bizzare.

Ah well.

Time to have one last smoke before I go back to playing with puppies. ^_^ Yay puppies!

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