What on earth am I doing here?

So I've come to the conclusion that I have never heard of this website before.


How have I not heard of this place? o_O

I mean, I used to use the stupid Myspace blog crap, back when I gave a damn about Myspace. Not saying it's not a decent website, though it really isn't, but y'know.


I managed to somehow stumble onto Blogger while searching Google Images for Stupid Minnesota Drivers pictures I could use for a blog thing on hubpages.com, when I ran across a blog thing by a woman up in Hibbing, MN. So I started reading it, and I was like, "Dude, I could so totally do this. How hard can it be, right?"

Tada, here I am!

Now, I have little to no idea what I am going to use this for. More than likely, as an outlet for the crazy that is my brain, so it's not constantly in my brain. Because it's not very healthy to keep crazy in one's brain for extended periods of time. It can lead to some serious problems, such as talking to oneself, yelling random things for no reason, strange bouts of paranoia, and the destruction of a social life.

Okay, that last one's just what happens when you have two jobs like I do. But that's okay! :D

lol Ah, I make myself giggle...

Well, once I figure out what I plan to do with this, we'll see what sort of weird crap spews out of my fingertips. Later kids.

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