Marcy ph41ls at life, in the sense that she's a total bitch...

So today was my mother's side of the family's Christmas get-together. Oh, how joyfull it was! >.<


Firstly, my mother, being the dink she is, didn't tell anybody what time the damn thing was at. Noooooo, that would just be too easy! Let's make things a pain in the ass for ourselves, then bitch about it the entire ride to Aunt Marcy's house!

Damn thing was at noon; we didn't get there until 1 pm.

For real, how stupid can that woman get? o_O

I mean, if I would've known to look on the calander that precariously hangs right in front of me as we speak, I would've set an alarm for myself to wake up earlier, get ready, and all that lovely happy horsepucky. But I don't really look at that calander; no need, when there's one on my phone with a full list of everything I need to know for work, life, and whatever else may be vital for me. Sadly, this phone is 3 years old, since my nice spanky new one decided to break without reason about a week and a half ago or so...

Remind me to stick to the STURDY Nokias...

Well, anyway, I got up a little later than I would've liked, had I know what time we needed to be out of the house. Got up, took a shower, and was halfway dressed before I even knew of any time schedule. Oh gee, thank you, Mother, for being a retard...

We didn't leave the house until a quarter after noon. -_-

The best part is, when we got there, Mom realized we'd forgotten to bring the Caesar salad junk she'd bought. That put her in a WONDERFUL mood, really it did.

... Okay, honestly, why do I still live in this hell hole? Why? Someone enlighten me?

Well, the festivities went as they usually did; Aunt Marcy constantly belittled me (I'm her favorite for that), her husband was the pushover lapdog he is, Uncle Mark and his kids stayed out of the way, his wallflower of a wife was nowhere to be seen (literally; she didn't come), Dad stayed as far away from Marcy as he could, Mom was constantly getting into hidden My-Penis-Is-Bigger-Than-Yours contests with her sister (even though they both lack the goods for this, they are amazing at it), Marcy's kids were being the self-centered, spoiled rich brats they are, my brother Mik was just Mik, Mark's kids were imitating their mother's wallflower techniques, Grandpa had to buzz around everybody, and his "lady friend" Georgia just minded her own business.

Oddly enough, I like Georgia the most.

Now, normally we have a meal, play this pathetic counting game Grandpa does at every gathering, play the White Elephant game, open presents, have dessert, and get the hell out of there.


This year, things were going relatively according to tradition until we got to the kids' presents.

Then we played that retarded White Elephant game again.


What the frick? o_O

No, you idiots, all I want are my damn Barnes & Noble gift cards like you give me every year. I don't want to do some stupid game AGAIN, give me my cards!!

-_- Instead, I got the board game version of Don't Forget the Lyrics and a box of Hot Tamales, which I haven't finished eating.

Who's effin' idea was this? I want to know so I can stab them with a spork. In the eye. Repeatedly.


Thankfully, I had my iPod along. That thing is as old as my phone, but it still works, so I can't complain.

iPod, smokes, and Diet Coke. The three ingredients to living through a visit to Marcy's.

When I got home, I had to deal with my best friend James, who was having an extremely crappy day. And since he's my best friend, I went to town to cheer him up after work, like best friends do.

Oh, before I forget, apparently he's making me go air-softing with him on Friday, from 10 pm to 2 am.

... >.<>

To make things better, the two people in the entire world I want nothing to do with, a kid I dated for a week (there was a damned good reason I only dated him for a week) and a creeper who flirts aggressively with everything boobiful, are both going to be there.


So I told James the only way I would promise my attendance would be if I could get my idiot boyfriend, Kyle (aka Ky), to come along. Otherwise, there was no way in hell I was going to go. I am so not putting up with them without serious protection, and Ky provides serious protection in the form of whoop-ass.

Yay for Navy boyfriends with extreme weapons training (prior to the Navy) and major Martial Arts skills!

Now if I can just convince him to come along... -_-

Speaking of Ky in all his amazingly stupid glory, I have to go to bed so I can be with him tomorrow. ^_^ Yay Christmas, you've finally pulled through for me! He's home for the holiday to be with his family, but he's rented a hotel room in town, and I'm gonna go see him while I have the chance. Because otherwise, I have to go to frickin' San Diego, and I'm sorry, but I so don't have the money for that kind of crap right now.

A few other things happened, but I'm gonna have to save those for next time. As for now, I'm signing off and hitting the hay.


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