Why does life have to hate me right when I need a pick-me-up?

Today started out alright. Kind of.

I woke up sometime around noonish, finding a text on my phone from James, who wanted me to go Christmas shopping with him. Well, I wasn't feeling all that great, but I didn't want to stay in the house all day, so I told him I was gonna get some more sleep, then I would go.

Sleep never came back to me. So instead, I attempted to use my mother's electric razor thing to shave my legs.


What? They needed shaving, and I'd never used an electric razor before.

Well, that didn't entirely work as I'd hoped, so I used a regular razor instead. Then I trimmed the shrubbary, found some clothes to wear, brushed my teeth, and stopped in the middle of my bedroom when I remembered what day it was.

It was the 22nd.

Tonight was to be mine and Ky's together night!

Remembering this, I decided to wear the "sexy" lingere I'd bought just for him. I say "sexy" because it's hard to find myself sexy. Ah, the joys of having nearly no self esteem in the physical appearance department...

Anyway, I put on the knee-high lace stockings, the garter, the lace underwear, the lace bra, then proceeded to put my clothes on. T'was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing unmanageable. Shrugging off the weird feeling I had, I finished up getting ready, went to warm up the car, then texted James to let him know I couldn't sleep and was actually ready to leave the house.

All was relatively fine until we started shopping.

You see, James wants to go air-softing on Friday. Which is all great, fine and dandy, but he wants me to come along. Not a big deal, I guess. I can live with shooting people. I'll have to put up with the two creepers, but as long as I can shoot them, I'll be happy.

Well, he wants to mount a tracer unit on his assault rifle, but he wants to make the unit himself.

That's cool.

The only problem we had was, we couldn't find all the crap we needed until we were just about to give up, and I thought of the TrueValue store, which then made him think of the Radio Shack, where we ended up getting everything we needed. Perfect.

Then we went to my house to put everything together, but my shop was too cold for his personal comfort. The whiner... So we grabbed my solder, a bunch of plastic coated wire, wire strippers, and proceeded to get back in my car to go to our friend Joe's, who had a soldering iron and wanted to play D&D.

Yes, I play D&D.

Shut it.

Well, as we were about to leave, I thought to call Ky and see what he was up to. Turned out he went and made plans with someone else, but would see if he could come along and play D&D with us.

"Alright," I'd said, "well, call me as soon as you know what's up. See you later."

He completely forgot about our get-together.

'No big deal,' thought I, 'he'll remember later and call me when he's ready.'


Anyway, we started off back to James's house to get his D&D junk, since he's the DM, and were on our way to Cambridge when his friend Regina decided she wanted to join us. So we had to go get her.

She lives on the complete opposite side of town we were on. And the roads aren't that great outside of town.

Then again, they suck in town, too...

So we went to get her, then headed to Joe's, where we spent a good two hours watching James attempt to mount LED UV lights to PVC pipe, hook it all up with the wires to a toggle switch and a 9v battery, and fail miserably the first time. Oh well.

Next, we actually played D&D for about 3 hours, until finally it was just me, Joe and James. Regina went home, our friends Tyler and Brandon did too. You can't very well play 5 characters with 2 people and a DM. Not without some major biases, anyway.

All through the evening, I kept waiting for Ky to call. Kept checking my phone, sent him a text, and even tried calling him myself.


By the end of the night, I was so upset, I was ready to just break down and cry.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not some emo-desperate-teenybopper girl.

But when you're the love of my life, and you fail to follow up on a promise, I'm gonna be pretty dang mad. And when I get mad, I cry.

So I brought James home, who felt pretty bad that my night was so not going the way I'd anticipated, then went to my own home, picking up the mail as I pulled in.


You see, my account had been compromised, in the sense that someone had used my credit card account to purchase $225 worth of gas in Florida. The claims were removed from my account, but they had to send me a new card.

This was like, a day or two before Thanksgiving.

They apparently tried to call me, but somehow, they had the wrong phone number listed. o_O

So they had to send me a new card, and said it would come in 7-10 business days.

Three weeks went by.


So I called again and said I'd never recieved my new card, and had to have another new one issued and mailed out.

This one actually came a day earlier than expected.

Getting back to the topic at hand, this was the only good event of the day. I went online and bought my usual thing (I only use my card online at one place, and it's extremely secure; no one else had ever had this problem through a credit card before. Trust me, I asked), then set up my online banking information again through the bank website to which I am a member of. This time, I'm gonna watch it like a hawk instead of a crow. :-P

So, that has been my evening. While I am happy my stupid card finally arrived, I'm still extremely pissed off that Ky would be so dense as to forget he'd promised tonight to me, and me only.

I was kind of hoping that by getting all this off my chest, I would feel better.

Instead, I'm even more upset, and am now going to go to bed upset.

Oh joy...

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